Data Intelligence for Financial Services

Proven Data & Marketing to Grow Financial Services

Intelligent data usage is your company's strategic asset. Our technology and team activate your data to secure your business's profitable growth. Thanks to our advanced use of predictive analysis, profiling, automated marketing and dynamic product creation, we have been able to partner with leading financial companies to unlock tens of millions of dollars of value for our partners. Let Sherpa unlock your profit potential.

Deep Technological Backbone

Sherpa’s comprehensive technological background enables companies to understand their customers and step-change their ability to service them. Our team ensures you harness critical data and technologies to catalyze your business understanding and profitable growth. Core competencies include:

Powerful customer data that is both integrated & augmented

Dynamic profiling for tailored customer management and campaigns

Predictive analysis enables businesses activate their stagnant ‘business intelligence’ into business-building predictive analysis

Automating customer interactions to improve customer journeys

Dynamically adjusted product experiences to maximize lifetime value

We are Growth Partners

Sherpa’s team take an active role in building your business. Our team’s compensation is directly connected to improving your business. As such, we ensure to implement the right initiatives that move the needle. Our hands-on team ensure that your business benefits from results, not just new software. Core competencies include:

Strategic assessment of data, technology and marketing with gap analysis

Commercialization KPIs - identify, align and zero-in on bottlenecks/enablers

Prioritized interventions aligned with opportunities prioritized

Dedicated team of data scientist, technologists and commercialization professionals

Proven Commercialization Expertise

Maximize your reach with intelligent marketing campaigns based in metrics. Our experienced team of marketers, sales and designers lead commercialization efforts based on the data insights. This effort jump-starts our joint success. Core competencies include:

Powerful Branding & Positioning ensuring the business is positioned to maintain its leadership position

Focused on improving CAC & LTV

Expert Digital Marketing Acquisition, Engagement, Monetization, Retention

Data-linked Campaign Creation ensures that creativity is rooted in opportunity

Optimized & tested campaign execution based on customer profiles and journeys

Sherpa Clients Include

Global Online Trading Company
European Robo Advisory Business
American Payments Provider
Middle-East Investment Vehicles
American Financial Publisher
Global Finance Network

How to Work with us

While there are many high-potential financial businesses looking to improve for profitability boosts, we are selective about who we partner with. The Sherpa team work with select online financial companies that have the senior buy-in to step-change their results, high profit potential and are dedicated to harnessing data to improve their growth trajectory.

Our team works on a basic ‘commitment’ fee plus a success fee. As such, we are motivated to work both efficiently and effectively to grow our partner businesses and enjoy the upside we create.